Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boone vs. Ruckus

I received a most interesting e-mail today. It read as follows:

Dear DU Undergraduate,

Recently, we've felt a push to bring back our beloved mascot, Boone. To empower the voice of DU students, we are quantifying this sentiment by surveying the DU undergraduate population. Please take this survey seriously as these results will be tabulated and presented to DU administration. Click here to enter the survey (url of survey was here) Please respond by Friday, June 1.

Thanks for your participation --

(I've removed the names of the students who are leading the charge...)

AUSA Senate
Student Athlete Advisory Council

When you click on the link to the survey, this is what you see:

I think this is a very interesting idea. It's my understanding that the student body was not asked for their opinions when Boone was "retired" and Ruckus usurped his job. I think this is a major reason why school spirit at DU is non-existent. I mean really, who wants to rally behind a Red-Tailed Hawk when we are calling ourselves the Pioneers? It is my fervent hope that Ruckus is retired for good and some sort of Pioneer type mascot takes his place. I understand that Boone was created by Walt Disney, which is probably one of the reasons he was done away with seeing as how it can't be cheap to have a mascot created by a legend. I therefore think the best solution here is to start from scratch. Create a Pioneer Mascot that the DU population can be proud of!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Awards Night at DU

Yesterday evening, the University of Denver Men’s Hockey team celebrated its 51st Annual Hockey Awards Evening tonight at The Cable Center on the DU campus.

Follows is a list of the Honorees…

Bill Masterton Memorial Award (MVP)-Glenn Fisher
Leading Scorer Award-Brock Trotter
Star of the Year Award-Brock Trotter
Barry Sharp Memorial Award (Rookie of the year)-Tyler Ruegsegger
Dr. Art Mason Award (Top Scholar-Athlete)-Tyler Ruegsegger and Danny King
Dr. Ken Bredesen Award (Sportsmanship)-J.D. Corbin
Bob Martin Memorial Award (Community Service)-J.D. Corbin and Brandon Vossberg
Murray Armstrong Award (Most Improved Player)-J.P. Testwuide
Dr. Ralph Verploeg Award (Most Inspirational Player)-Adrian Veideman
Keith Magnuson Memorial Award (Top Defensive Player)-Chris Butler

All-WCHA Academic Honorees (GPA of 3.0 or better) :
-Zach Blom
-Chris Butler
-Steven Cook
-J.D. Corbin
-Glenn Fisher
-Ryan Helgason
-Danny King
-Patrick Mullen
-J.P. Testwuide
-Andrew Thomas

WCHA Scholar-Athlete Award Winners (GPA of 3.5 or better) :
-Zach Blom
-Steven Cook
-J.D. Corbin
-Glenn Fisher
-Danny King

Read the official release here: Fisher Named MVP of 2006-07 Pioneers