Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wisconsin here I come!!

I am very pleased to announce that I will (along with my two best friends, Megan and PiosAvsFan) will be visiting the great state of Wisconsin from November 10-12!! We booked our flight yesterday (thanks JB!!!) and now we are looking for a good hotel to stay in...we've been told that the Doubletree is a good place as it's very close to the Kohl Center...Any help from my Wisconsin readers would be most appreciated!!

I honestly don't think I've ever been more excited about a's going to be amazing what with spending time with my two favorite people and some good hockey...oh is it November yet??

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Very Sad Day at DU

Yesterday afternoon, we here on the beautiful campus of the University of Denver received the news that Paul Stastny has signed with the Colorado Avalanche and will forgo his remaining two years at DU. Many of my colleagues feel pained and could barely work today. I’ve seen grown men tear up at the thought of the loss. It’s been a very sad day indeed.

The feeling around the nets represents two very different ends of the feelings spectrum…naturally; Avs fans are thrilled to see a signing at long last. They feel hopeful that Stastny will knock everyone’s socks off at training camp and assume his rightful place with the team. There are a few nay-sayers who believe he doesn’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of making the team and will spend the next year in Albany with the AHL’s River Rats, but only time will tell…

The DU fans feel quite differently about the situation. They express their best wishes to Paul in the future, but also feel disappointed and shocked, some even betrayed, by his very sudden departure.

Personally, I am always happy for players when they get one step closer to their dreams of playing in the NHL. I only feel saddened for the team to have lost a teammate. I hope that Paul is able to play with the Avalanche in the coming season and that he finds success very soon.

Now we all must look to future of both teams and see the light at the end of this tunnel. The Avalanche was able to save some cap space as Stastny signed an entry level contract that will pay $450,000 should he make the team. They also add greatly to the offensive depth they can pull from throughout the season.

The Pioneers will be able to afford opportunities to other, very talented players throughout this year that will enhance the team for the years to come and make them stronger competitors as a group.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

One of my most loyal readers (PiosAvsFan I’m talking about you!) asked that Mike Modano’s head be replaced by someone more attractive. So I pulled together a few rather comical looking renditions of that unfortunate picture…

Image Hosted by
I like to call this Wade Modano. I have yet to extol on my great love for the Senator’s number one d-man on this blog, but I’m sure when the Avs play Ottawa October 19th, I will bore you all with tales of his daring deeds and rakishly good looks…

Image Hosted by
As I know how PiosAvsFan feels about the one, the only, Marek Svatos, I made Mike Svatos or Marek Modano, whichever you prefer…

Image Hosted by
Lastly, because he has such great hair, I thought Propecia Joe deserved a good looking body too, rather than that rail thin and non-muscular frame he calls a body…

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's the middle of summer, I'm hot and not motivated...

So, I am obsessed with Hockey Player Hair…mullets, shaved, Mohawks, I love it all. Hockey Player Hair falls into two categories, Good and Evil. It’s a black and white issue really…Let’s start with Evil…

Image Hosted by
Joe Thornton…what can I say? The bleached blonde might be the issue, or the general shagginess. Hard to say really, but this is evil.

Image Hosted by
Michael Handzus. Did something die on your head? Is that a wig? I’m not really sure. Definitely evil, however, it looks pretty stellar blowing around while he skates.

Image Hosted by
Jaromir Jagr. I like to call this do the Jagrlet. It’s part mullet, part Jaromir Jagr genius. He just hasn’t been the same with out. I think he may have lost some of his ability when he cut the Jagrlet. Bring it back!!! Still evil though…

Image Hosted by
Chris Simon. We actually let this guy suit up in an Avalanche sweater? I’m completely grossed out…

Image Hosted by
Radek Bonk. As if his name wasn’t bad enough, he has evil hair…this guy just can’t win.

Image Hosted by
Barry Melrose. This is post hockey playing days, but I couldn’t resist. Not only is he rocking the baby mullet, but I love the obscene facial hair. Just say no…

Image Hosted by
Mike Modano. The mother of all evil hair. No man should have hair as pretty as Mike Modano. It’s just not right…nice body though… (Ps, I’m not entirely sure that this is actually his body. In fact, I’m pretty certain that his head and the beautiful hair that goes with it, was super-imposed on a hot body…that’s the only plausible explanation)

And moving on to the Good...
Image Hosted by
Joe Thornton. The previously evil haired Thornton not only got a new start in San Jose, but a new totally hot hair do. All around a great trade for him.

Image Hosted by
Ryan Smyth. Generally, mullets would go in the evil category (see the Jagrlet) but I just can’t get enough of this one…

Image Hosted by
Jose Theodore. By far, THE BEST hockey hair around. It’s not pretty like Mike Modano’s but it does add to the general splendor. The propecia is obviously doing him some good. Look at that hair. It’s hot.

Image Hosted by
I love this model picture of when he played for Djurgardens in Sweden last year. Great looking hair.